I was born and grew up in Hong Kong. I started knitting and sewing when I was in elementary school. My mother taught me the basic knitting and sewing techniques. I used her old SINGER sewing machine and bamboo knitting needles. I did not have any patterns but I could knit and sew my own sweaters or clothes.

After I moved to North America, I bought my own sewing machine and continue to do sewing, knitting and other crafts for pleasure.

After my two children were born, I did not do as much sewing. I only sewed their Halloween costumes. I still did some knitting after they went to bed. I used to knit their sweaters until they reached a certain age and they would say “NO more home made sweater”.

One summer, I took the children to CNE and I saw some beautiful quilts hanging at a quiet corner. I was amazed at their work and I told myself I would like to learn how to do it. I set my goal to wait until my children finished high school and went off to University. That day came in the fall of 2006 when I began taking quilting lessons. After I learned the basic techniques, I started trying to do different quilts on my own. I also did not want to stop knitting. Now, I knit more baby sets and children’s sweaters so I will have gift for baby showers.

I also joined Markham Town Quilter Guild and Markham Guild of Village Crafts. The speakers for the monthly meeting always give me some inspirations. I also participate in Markham Fair. Owen Sound Fall Fair and Creative Festival. I have won some ribbons in some of the competitions.

My passion is to bring the Oriental and Western style together.

Rebecca Sham